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Gorgeous Tiger Cubs,Cheetah English Bulldogs avail

26 января 2015

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Продавец Владелец


Город Балахна
Контактное лицо dellmc110@gmail.com
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Gorgeous Tiger Cubs,Cheetah English Bulldogs available 00237691238366 The following cubs and English Bulldog Puppies are now ready for sale to loving families: Cheetah cubs, Tiger cubs, Cougar Cubs, King Cheetah cubs,Jaguar cubs and Fennec Fox .Our cubs are bred under strict hygienic and sanitary supervisions and are guaranteed perfect health conditions. They have good temperaments and are perfectly home trained. They get along well with kids and other home pets like cats, birds, dogs, snakes which will make a good companion to the cubs while in your home. All our cubs have been vaccinated and have good health records. They are TICA registered. Our baby cubs are easy to get along with even for beginners by virtue of the fact that we provide all of our first time buyers a manual which will guide them all along. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in purchasing any of our lovely cubs.002376==91238366==

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